Can Laredo endure the Rio Grande’s drought?

The Rio Grande near La Joya, N.M., in August 2018

If I were to ask you where your water comes from, would you be able to answer? For us Laredoans, this should be a rather easy question since we live right next to the source. Since Laredo’s establishment as a settlement of the New Spain colonies in 1755, its people have depended on the Rio Grande as its primary and essentially sole source of water. Since then, Laredo has consistently enjoyed water prosperity despite the region’s hot and arid climate; it’s as if the Rio Grande is the lifeblood of the city. What many in Laredo might not know, including…

The Rio Grande is in peril, and the consequences have already manifested

The Rio Grande near La Joya, N.M., in August, 2018.

The Rio Grande ranks as the fourth longest river in the United States, the fifth longest in North America, and the twentieth longest in the world at 1,885 miles. This truly massive body of water begins atop the snowy San Juan mountain range of the Colorado Rockies, flows down through New Mexico, and traverses the southern edge of Texas before ultimately emptying into the Gulf of Mexico (Dillworth). …

Erick S Albarran

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